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“Sheri is amazing! I love the structure of her approach. I feel like there’s focus and defined outcomes and a timeline and we’re making progress already and looking forward to more progress!” – anonymous Review via Appointy

“Hi Sheri – After our last session, I wanted to thank you for literally saving our marriage! I was already researching divorce attorneys and mediation options before our last meeting with you. I know that we have a long way to go to be happy together long-term, but the progress we’ve made as a couple is amazing to me.” – anonymous

LOVE Coaching Programs for COUPLES:

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A relationship is only as healthy as the individuals who comprise it.  While learning to communicate, respond, react and understand each other is important in a relationship, this can only be accomplished after First working on, understanding and loving yourself.  That is why all couples coaching programs are a combination of sessions working with each individual separately as well as In-Person couples sessions together.

Every couple is unique and their program will be designed to best fit their needs. However, the standard couples coaching process is usually set up like this:

Per every Four Week period you will have approximately 4 total sessions – 2 together in person & 2 individually. Once we have completed both Foundation Evaluation reviews – the first week will be an in-person couples session, the second week individual sessions for each person, the third week is another couples session. The fourth is a “rest/application” week to rest, restore and apply what you’ve learned (no session).

Every Program includes a Foundation Evaluation (an extensive online ASSESSMENT –$600 value) for each person to measure your energetic makeup. This will allow us to work together to uncover blocks, limiting beliefs and other destructive thought-patterns which are holding you back from the love you desire.

NEW CLIENTS – Your Discovery Session:

Finding the right “fit” is very important.  A discovery session is always available for new clients who want to explore more about coaching and to see if we are the right fit to work together. This initial session will answer any questions you have, provide an opportunity to get to know each other better and offer program recommendations.  In many cases, we may even be able to work through some challenges you are having right away.  If we are not a good match for any reason, I am always happy to recommend other professionals that may be a better fit.

To take advantage of your Discovery Session please Fill out the Discovery Form first – LINK to Form:

When booking – be sure to select “Discovery Session Couples (Form Completed)” from your drop down choices.   If no sessions are available – please contact me directly (contact page) Sheri AT and we’ll find something that works for you.

Discovery Session $25
The $25 Booking Fee holds your spot for you. It is not refundable.
Be sure to fill out the Discovery Form before booking your session.

Couple’s Sessions:

ONE Couple's Session $199
Single sessions for couples are available outside of program pricing for $199 per session.
(Single couples sessions are usually for Returning Couples who need a quick fix to a simple problem. Substantial and sustainable change takes time and a systematic process, therefore, the PROGRAMS – LISTED BELOW – are the best value and recommended for New Clients.)


Couple's Program Platinum
TWENTY EIGHT TOTAL Sessions ($5572 Value)
(FOURTEEN COUPLES Coaching Sessions + FOURTEEN Individual Coaching Sessions)
+ TWO Foundation Evaluations "FEELi" ($600 Value)
Couple's Program Basic
TWELVE TOTAL Sessions ($2338 Value)
(SIX COUPLES Coaching Sessions + SIX Individual Coaching Sessions)
+ TWO Foundation Evaluations "FEELi" ($600 Value)
The PLATINUM Program is for clients who are on the verge of divorce and ready for a long hard commitment to making the marriage not only work - but thrive for the rest of their lives. This program is designed to be a 7-10 month program for couples. It is generally laid out as 14 couples coaching sessions AND 14 individual coaching sessions. This program also includes the $600 valued Foundation Evaluations.
(Sessions Never Expire!)
The GOLD Program is RECOMMENDED for most clients! Generally laid out as 10 couples coaching sessions AND 10 individual coaching sessions, this program allow for a total of approximately 5-7 months of coaching. This program has been proven to be the minimum amount needed to Achieve Optimal Success and transformation. This program also includes the $600 valued Foundation Evaluations.
(Sessions Never Expire!)
The BASIC Program is generally laid out as 6 couples coaching sessions AND 6 individual coaching sessions (3 per person). This shorter package is usually for those who need a QUICK FIX to a Simple Problem or for returning customers who need a few months of "maintenance" sessions. This program also includes the $600 valued Foundation Evaluations.
(Sessions Never Expire!)


FAQ regarding Couples Sessions:

Q:  What happens to our program sessions if we decide we no longer want to work on our marriage and separation is the best option for us?

A: The remainder of your sessions will be split up equally among the two of you.


Q: We are looking for a Couples Coaching program – can only one person in the relationship come in for the discovery session or do you need both to be present?

A: It is recommended that BOTH members of the relationship come in for the discovery session. Recommendations for the correct program for you requires me to meet both of you.


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**Foundation Evaluations (“FEELi’ Assessments) are non-refundable.

*** Coaching Program must be purchased within 30 days of Foundation Evaluation purchase.

Payment plan for programs available upon request (3-6mo increments). First Payment required upon signing Coaching Agreement.  Payment plan is through PayPal.

Please note: Price increase effective October 2017