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Named 2016 & 2017’s

Top Three Marriage Counselors in Madison, WI

“When I decided to see Sheri Maass I started as a person who lacked self confidence…Now I feel like a new person! Every day I can feel my confidence growing. I’m so much happier because I have improved my relationships with my friends and family on such a greater level than I ever have before. I’m also happier with the way I feel about myself! I would recommend Sheri Maass to anyone!”  -Sara L.

“Hi Sheri – After our last session, I wanted to thank you for literally saving our marriage! I was already researching divorce attorneys and mediation options before our last meeting with you. I know that we have a long way to go to be happy together long-term, but the progress we’ve made as a couple is amazing to me.” – anonymous

Headshot_1_editedROUNDEDShowing you how to love yourself, find your inner power and IGNITE Your LOVE LIFE!!


I am passionate about love coaching because I, myself, have experienced a confused, chaotic, and messy marriage which lasted for 8 years.  No one can give me back those 8 years and if I had had someone to show me what was standing in my way of loving myself, accessing my inner power and truly believing that there was a better life and a better love waiting for me out there I may not have wasted so much time in a loveless, unhealthy, painful relationship.

This experience, however, is what created the fuel for what I do today.  I believe that we are all beautiful and powerful inside and that life gives opportunities for us to either show that power and beauty or shove it way down deep inside.  Everyday is a choice to live our lives the way it was intended to –  full of joy, passion and love!

Throughout the marriage, I had an opportunity to experience exactly what should NOT happen in a relationship.   Recognizing the patterns of thought and behavior that cause discord, distance and disrespect brought me valuable insight from an inside perspective.

Once I exhausted all avenues in an effort to save my marriage, I realized there was only one decision left to make – Divorce.  As much as I valued commitment and deeply desired to have an everlasting marriage, I knew that we would be happier apart.  As Kenny Rogers says “Know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em”.

Stepping into the world of being “Re-single” after so long was ridiculously scary!  Once I started dating  I realized I was learning so much about myself – what I wanted and what I definitely did not want.  I created my list of NON-NEGOTIABLES – (VERY important to establish before searching for your “One”).   Along my “serial dating” journey I was also able to learn SO much about how personalities, characteristics, values and priorities will either mesh or clash between people.


Above all else, I truly care about you, your success and your fulfillment.  My purpose as your coach is to remind you of what you already know and to support you in taking inspired action.  My greatest source of pleasure is witnessing your visions become your reality in life and love.


And now for the boring stuff:

As the founder of Sheri Maass, LOVE Coach / Internal Sunshine Coaching, more than 25 years of personal relationship experience and over ten years of professional experience I have had the opportunity to observe and experience a myriad of relationship difficulties and challenges and help individuals and couples tap into their inner power, regain their self love and create a life they only imagined.

I received Professional training and Certification in Relationship and Couples Coaching, as well as a Master Practitioner certification in the Energy Leadership Index® from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (“iPEC”).  I also hold a Bachelor in Business & Management and a degree in Adult Education through Alverno College. 

iPEC Coaching & ELI-MP


PWoW-HorzontalI am also the Founder and Director of the Professional Women of Wisconsin Networking group “PWoW” ( – Women’s Networking in Milwaukee and Madison, WI

We currently have over 1400 women in our Networking group!


Some fun Tidbits about me:

My favorite color is purple.

I have three BEAUTIFUL daughters —>  girls2






<—- I have a super cute pup named PENNY. 😉






I’m an avid Crocheter and love making blankets and scarves for those I love.


Words of Affirmation is my primary love language – so say something nice to me and I’m your best friend.



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