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“The Foundation Evaluation is an Online Assessment and Coaching Session that Measures your Thought Energy and uncovers Blocks to Love that are currently limiting your life.  This assessment is an Essential First Step in your journey towards the love you desire and deserve.”



What is the first step towards improving your love life and your life in general?


Self-LOVE,   Self-TRUST,   Self-ESTEEM,   Self-AWARENESS.

We’ve all heard phrase “You can’t truly love someone else until you truly love Yourself.”    So How do we do that?

We first need to Measure Where You are Now.  What is going on right now in your life, in your relationship and what are the thoughts (your belief systems) that are creating the life you have right now.  What are the stories you are telling yourself?  The script that is playing in the background of your mind whether you know it / acknowledge it – or not?


So How do we MEASURE?

Measurement begins with something called a Foundation Evaluation and what this  measures exactly is called your Energy Leadership.


ENERGY LEADERSHIP is made up of 3 BASIC Things:

      • 1.   Potential Leadership Ability.  This is not only how well you can lead and motivate Others, but also your potential to lead and motivate Yourself!  (This is how you get more done!)
      • 2.  Level of Engagement. This is how present you are in your life – in what you are doing and who you are doing it with. Have you ever felt like you were just going through the motions in life? – you get up in the morning – go to work – come home – eat dinner – watch tv – go to bed – you get up in the morning – go to work – come home – eat dinner – watch tv – go to bed …and on and on? Sometimes we get lost in life we are disengaged in our lives. We measure this so that we can be more PRESENT in our MOMENTS and enjoy life to its fullest extent (as was intended when you came here).
      • 3.  Level of Consciousness. This is the most significant thing that we measure. I know there are many definitions and ways to describe consciousness out there in the world but what I’m talking about here is your Level of Awareness. Your Awareness of who you are – at the core, How you Think, How you Act and How you React to the world around you and, in turn, How the world Acts and Reacts to You.

The Foundation Evaluation is  a Structured Approach / a tool to measure where you are.  Once we know this – then we can use this information to SHIFT your Energy/ Perceptions / Thoughts / your Reality and Your Life.


What is Thought ENERGY?


Everything is Energy.  We are energetic beings constantly releasing a positive or negative charge through our thoughts and beliefs that either works for or against us.

What this means is – we have the ability to shift our lives simply through shifting our thoughts and this puts us in the driver’s seat of our lives – we are now the at CAUSE of our life  rather than the EFFECT.  And that is POWERFUL!


Through our coaching time together we are going to be able to SHIFT your energy up the scale.  Now imagine if every circumstance that happens in your life – you can start to look at it through a higher energy level lens.  How much better is it going to feel if we look at life that way?  Not only is it going to feel better but you will also be attracting positive people, circumstances and events into your life.  This is how the real sustainable results happen!

“The more that you can have your Overall Energy Resonating at a Higher Level the Easier and Happier your life experiences are going to be for you.”

We will know for sure what level you are because you have actually taken the Foundation Evaluation.   We know where you started, we know what your triggers are, we know where your energy is  so as we make progress we will be able to measure along the way.


If you are hesitant to purchase a full coaching program I encourage you to first purchase the Foundation Evaluation.

WHY take the Foundation Evaluation FIRST?

1. After you’ve taken the evaluation you can roll $100 of the $250 cost into a coaching program.

2. It’s a great way to become more comfortable with coaching, programs and with me as your coach.

3.  Most importantly – Just doing the Evaluation alone and knowing where you are begins to raise your overall energy and so it is still a great benefit It might not get you fully where you want to go and the life you want to livebut it is really awesome to know where you are starting.



A full online assessment where you will receive a Report with YOUR Specific Energy Leadership RESULTS

Along with a video series to fully understand the Evaluation. You may also purchase a Session with me to Review your Results and see how energy is showing up in your life specifically right now.  We will also uncover how your energy is currently affecting you in all areas of your life and come up a plan as to how we can shift that energy to work for you rather than against you!


The Foundation Evaluation Online Assessment and Coaching Session is available Outside of

Program Pricing for $250 per assessment.

($100 of the Foundation Evaluation price can be applied to any Individual program listed on the Service page.***)

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