“What is Relationship/Love Coaching?”

An extraordinary and unique relationship designed to create a significant impact and sustainable results in all areas of a person’s life.

How does coaching work?

Most coaching is in 45-60 minute sessions done by appointment in person (or via phone/skype for long distance clients). All “Couples Session” take place in person. Sessions are usually once per week for 3 weeks, followed by a Rest/Application week where you can apply everything we’ve been discussing.

What is the cost of your programs?

Please see the Service page for more details. http://internal-sunshine.com/services/

What happens During sessions? 

Each session usually begins with celebrating accomplishments, successes and any other positive events in your life since we last met. We’ll then go over any “challenges” or opportunities that you would like to discuss. We’ll take some time to identify where the internal and external blocks are, find ways to shift them and create an action plan to move you forward towards your desires and goals.


What happens Between session? 

Between sessions, you will work on the action plan to help you learn more about yourself and propel you forward.  Most packages also include contact between sessions via email, chat or text message to share successes and for some extra encouragement when you feel “stuck”.


What is Discussed in sessions?

Some people will want to direct their focus solely towards finding love or renewing love in their relationships.  However, it’s important to recognize that you are a whole person!  Your whole life is a system, in which each aspect affects every other.  How are you going to find love or improve your relationship if you are completely stressed out about your job? I encourage you to touch on all areas of your life:  physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, health, career, finances, etc.


Do you accept Insurance?

Life Coaches do not accept insurance, employee benefit plans, medi-care, or medi-cal.  However, you may be able to submit your out of pocket expenses to your HSA or Section 125 Cafeteria plan for reimbursement.  Please check with your plan administer to see if they reimburse for mental health out of pocket expenses.  Services may be covered in full or in part by your health insurance or employee benefit plan.  Please check your coverage carefully.


How does Coaching differ from Counseling and Therapy?

Counseling and therapy aims to heal mental and psychological issues and often examines PAST events.  It usually centers on diagnosing a ‘problem’ that needs to be addressed.

Coaching involves no such diagnosis and, in fact, coaches only see opportunities, not problems.  We work to shift the focus from “why” to “how.”  Coaching is very results oriented, maintaining a focus on the current situation and actively developing plans for the FUTURE.

Counseling focuses on helping people to move from dysfunctional to functional while Coaching focuses on helping functional people live optimal lives.


How does YOUR Coaching differ from others?

I offer a unique type of coaching called Core Energy Coaching which helps you to discover and define what your true inner purpose, passion and values are. We, then work together to connect those values with your outer goals and strategies. This connection is the only true way to experience continued growth and sustainable results.

Does coaching via Phone really work? 

Coaching via phone works well for several reasons:  The geographical location of the client and the coach doesn’t matter; people tend to be more honest and open with the sense of anonymity on the phone; and no special trips are needed out of the house – which saves time, money and gas!