Love Languages: Speak the Gift of Love this Valentine’s Day

Posted by on Feb 3, 2016

Love Languages: Speak the Gift of Love this Valentine’s Day


This Valentine’s Day I challenge you to spend the whole day speaking your partner’s love language.  If you do not already know your primary love languages – take the quiz for free at 

Here are some specific ways to speak the Gift of Love using their Primary Love Language:


  • Love Letters/Cards – Hand written, personal and spoken from the heart!
  • Interested Listening – Listening is just as important as speaking – Ask questions and show genuine interest.



  • Walks/Bike Rides Together – Even a short walk or bike ride together can mean a lot.
  • Watching Sunset/Sunrise – You don’t need a beach to enjoy beautiful sunsets. Through a window from the comfort of your warm home can be just as meaningful.


ACTS of SERVICE (“AOS”):                                                                                               

  • Simple Do’s – Warm up their car or fill their coffee mug in the morning.
  • Regular chores – Pick one they are normally responsible for and do it for them.



  • Massages – Feet, hands, head, neck, back….doesn’t matter where or even how long.
  • Kiss/Hug – With every greeting and every goodbye be sure to give a Kiss and Hug.



  • “Just Because” Gifts – Give a gift for no particular reason except to show them you love them.
  • “Me time” gifts – Nothing says I love you like “take some time for yourself”. Gift certificates to spas, massages or even tennis lessons will be much appreciated by your partner.




Sheri Maass, LOVE Coach