"ReConnect - ReBuild - ReIgnite"

LOVE Coaching for Individuals & Couples

Meet Sheri

Named one of 2016’s Top Three Marriage Counselors in Madison, WI

I am passionate about love coaching because I, myself, have experienced a confused, chaotic, and messy marriage which lasted for 8 years. No one can give me back those 8 years and if I had had someone to show me what was standing in my way of loving myself, accessing my inner power and truly believing that there was a better life and a better love waiting for me out there I may not have wasted so much time in a loveless, unhealthy, painful relationship.

Love Coaching Programs for INDIVIDUALS

Individual coaching session for clients looking to move forward in their romantic life. These sessions for individuals are designed to ReDefine who you are so that you can move forward in your life and in your relationships. Individuals who are single and looking for love, having challenges in a current relationship, or are separated/divorced.

Love Coaching Programs for COUPLES

A relationship is only as healthy as the individuals that compose it. While learning to communicate, respond, react and understand each other is important, this can only be accomplished after first working on, understanding and loving yourself. That is why our couples coaching programs are a combination of sessions working with each individual separately as well as having In-Person couples sessions together.